The Korean Renju Myeong-In Match broadcast between champion Gyu-hyeon Kim and challenger Han Tae-Ho

Congratulations to Han Tae-Ho to win the Omok Masters Tournament to face the champion Gyu-hyeon Kim in the second Korean Myeong-In Match on the 18th of January. Korean renju is developing rapidly and we are excited to see what this great match-up will bring. Here is a link to the news (you can use translation tools or just see the atmosphere in the pictures and results).

Gyu-hyeon Kim vs Han Tae-Ho

It is a “strike-match” played 60min + 60sec until 2 points. If defending champion gets 2 points then he regains the title. The broadcast starts 11 am Korean time.

Here is the live broadcast link.
Here is official Korean Omok youtube page.


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