I’m currently experiencing error 0x800704cf when accessing the Microsoft Store Windows 10 : techsupport

This should restore the system’s functionality and eliminate any subsequent errors. We must also ensure that the RAM is securely installed in its slots and that the CPU has not become loose. In case we don’t have the necessary knowledge, let’s jump right to the system’s possible solutions. Pick any of the previous restore points that you have on your current screen and click the Next button to continue.

So, in the following section, we will show you how to fix the network error 0x800704cf. If you have come across the same issue, try the following solutions. One possible way to fix this error is to delete your local storage data on your Xbox temporarily. And once resolved, you can re-sign into your Xbox account and it will sync in your data again.

  • You can refer to out article on editing hosts file on Windows for more to learn the necessary process.
  • Other manufacturers require you to download a BIOS update and flash the firmware yourself.
  • When it is done, type “exit” and hit “Enter” to finish the process.
  • Check to see if the WHEA problem has been resolved.

If you are experiencing issues with your computer, rolling back it’s a good idea to run the Download canon Drivers Driver Download & Updates … System File Checker utility. This tool can fix missing system files and other common issues. The process will take a few minutes, so follow it step-by-step to ensure your success. While some steps may be complicated, they’re simple enough to follow. Once you’ve followed the steps correctly, you’ll be on your way to a stable PC. Another way to fix a corrupted Windows 10 drive is by updating the hardware drivers.

error CS0266 cannot be converted implicitly the type ‘System.Collections.Generic.List in System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable

At this point, Windows will restart and begin a boot-level scan of your PC for malware. If it detects any, Windows Security will attempt to quarantine or remove it. This should help to resolve stability issues with your PC and make it safe to use. If Windows Explorer keeps crashing and you’re unsure of the cause, you should check for malware.

As discussed above, there can be several reasons behind the occurrence of WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. A few solutions to tackle this problem are detailed below. Do this as the last step before you send it out – as it’s the only step that you’ll have to spend money on. Equipped with these clues we can make an informed guess as to what piece of hardware that the problem lies with. The diagnostics that we run are software tests. As such, they’re not 100% accurate – but they do serve as a good base for trying to figure out what’s wrong.

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When it comes to localisation, Windows 10’s options seem to be unnecessarily confusing. We’ve seen a number of reports of localisation that was wrong, even on machines running localised Windows 7 or Windows 8 installations that were upgraded in the right way. To prevent the operating system from sucking up all your cellular data allowance, go to Settings, then Network & Internet. Click “Set as metered connection” to on, and Windows will stop fetching non-essential data in the background, such as app updates and Start screen tile updates. Clears the list of bad clusters on the volume and rescans all allocated and free clusters for errors.

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They not only slow down the work but also cause tension and irritation among the users. It may also lead to frustration when someone is dealing with research, and this may delay our pace of work. So, any form of error, either simple or complex, must immediately be resolved.

You can create a bootable media of Windows 11 and then install the Windows 11 again on your PC using it. Doing so will reset the PC, and this should fix the issue. In this article, we will be guiding you with the troubleshooting steps to help fix WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR in Windows 11.