Danilin takes surprise lead over Nikonov in Russian High League on day 4

Quite a spectacular development of the position to the left flank by black – click to review this and all other games played in renju.net

Konstantin Nikonov strated the tournament with 6/6 (!) but losing the next two games and a key game against Ivan Danilin who took the lead after 8 rounds of play with 6.5p followed by Nikonov and Epifanov.

Defending Champion Pavel Makarov vs the youngster Ivan Danilin
Review the game in renju.net

Things are just warming up as there are still three more days and 6 more games to play. Who will be the next Russian Champion? Follow the exciting second half of the tournament in this renju.net link.

Edvard Rizvanov vs Denis Kachaev
Alexey Mihaylov vs Ilya Katsev
Konstantin Nikonov vs Egor Morozov
Filinov vs Fedorkin
Maksim Lavrik-Karmazin vs Ivan Danilin
Referee Alexei Skuridin
Pavel Salnikov
Dmitry Epifanov
Sergei Artemiev
The rather new Russian talent Egor Morozov