World Renju Championship 2023

The World Renju Championship is a world-wide renju tournament organized by the Renju International Federation (RIF). Currently, it is the highest-level renju competition in the world, aiming to gather the strongest renju players around the world and determine the title of the renju world champion.

Since the 1st World Championship in 1989, the World Renju Championships have been held in countries and regions such as Japan, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, China, Czech Republic, and Chinese Taipei. The RIF has organized 16 World Renju Championships in total, producing several world champions including Nakamura Shigeru, Ando Meritee, Kawamura Norihiko, Hasegawa Kazuto, Tunnet Taimla, Wu Di, Vladimir Sushkov, Cao Dong, and Qi Guan.

The 17th World Renju Championship is scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Türkiye from August 2nd to 12th, 2023. Meanwhile, the European Youth Renju Championship and the Asian Youth Renju Championship will also be held concurrently during this period. The tournaments will be organized by the Turkish Renju Association. Renju players from different countries around the world will gather in Istanbul in August 2023.