Youth World Championships in Renju and Gomoku are held every second year since 1996. Previously the World Championship has taken place in the following countries: 1996 – Russia, 1998 – China, 2000 – Sweden, 2002 – Russia, 2006 – China, 2008 – Estonia, 2010 – Armenia, 2012 – Russia, 2014 – Estonia, 2016 – Estonia, 2018 – Turkey. This time the biggest renju and gomoku event of the year will take place online due to restrictions on travelling and gathering. The purpose of Youth World Championship is to determine the strongest young renju player and the strongest young gomoku player in the World, who will get the title of Youth World Champion. The World Renju and Gomoku Youth Cup consists of following groups:

The competition will be organized by Renju International Federation and Estonian Renju Union.

There will be eight official groups:

  • Group A: Juniors, who were born 1995–1999.
  • Group B: Boys, who were born 2000-2004
  • Group C: Boys, who were born 2005-2008
  • Group D: Boys, who were born 2009 or later
  • Group E: Ladies, who were born 1995-1999
  • Group F: Girls, who were born 2000-2004
  • Group G: Girls, who were born 2005-2008
  • Group H: Girls, who were born 2009 or later

Every young player is welcome to join one of the above listed groups for renju or gomoku tournament or both. If you decide to take part of the Youth Cup, please contact us.

Don’t miss the biggest Renju and Gomoku event of the year!

What are Renju and Gomoku?
Renju and gomoku are abstract strategy board games from Japan. They are traditionally played with black and white stones on a 15×15 size board and the main goal is to get 5 stones in a row.


We are very thankful to our kind supporters!
Without their support, it would be impossible to bring you such a wonderful event – World Renju and Gomoku Youth Cup!

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