Euroleague 2019/2020 is starting!

Euroleague – the world’s most renown online gomoku competition – is coming to its 15th season, starting already the next week, 28 October. As in the previous years can look forward to clashes of the absolute elite of the gomoku world as well as to many young and talented prospects.

Euroleague is a team competition open to players from all over the world, featuring 11 countries last season (the teams can be international too). The tournament system includes 9 round Swiss for teams from 4 to 7 players. Every round lasts 3 weeks during which the two paired teams arrange their match date. The time limit for games is 10m + 3s, with swap2 rule.

If you like to join, grab your friends and easily register at the league’s webpage Euroleague is played at the popular international gomoku&renju server