IRP 2020 kicks off soon – registration in progress!

The 19th season of IRP, an individual online Gomoku competition, is about to begin!

IRP is a traditional online Gomoku league organized by Piotr Małowiejski, one of the greatest and most experienced Polish Gomoku players and enthusiasts. He has been organizing the competition for 16 years! At first the IRP’s goal was to determine the strongest Polish players who would later form the Internet Polish National Team, so it was exclusive to Poles. Currently it is open for all foreign players, who are also invited to participate.

The competition is going to be held on Playok and consist of 7 rounds (Swiss system). In each round lasting three weeks all paired players arrange and play matches. Each match consists of 4 games with time control of 10 minutes, and swap2 rule. All further details concerning the playing system are described in the IRP Rules.

The registration deadline is the 9th February 2020, and the league begins on the very next day, the 10th February. In order to participate, register a nickname with “irp” prefix on Playok (e.g. irpangst), create an account on site and accept the IRP Rules in your profile settings. Every participant is asked to provide his or her real name.

Don’t hesitate to join and show your Gomoku skills!