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Reigning Champion Vladimir Sushkov has started the tournament rather slow having 1 point out of 3 games
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Not a long game with changes of tempos and fighting but in a scale of elegance perhaps the most impressive win of the tournament so far by Fedotov – look how the attack ended with the 28-30 moves (!) The young Russian has now beaten both Champions Cao Dong and Sushkov losing to Kamiya who is one of the leaders with Okabe and Koyama with 2.5 points.

In Gomoku AT Zoltan looks impressive beating Katsev in the last round. Muzika is also leading with the maximum score beating Hõbemägi in sharp position in the 3rd round.

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The 4th round starts 3.15pm local time in Tallinn.

As this is the first time we are streaming the world championship there might be some issues with the broadcast which we are trying to improve in time. We are trying to change the stream so that Chinese viewers can also follow the stream later on.

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The reigning Gomoku World Champion Zoltan Laszlo
Gomoku tournament hall
B-tournament hall
B-tournament standings on the big screen