Results of July Cup of Renju and Gomoku (Test tournaments for World Youth Cup)

Recently 2 proof tournaments were played in to test if newest corrections do work well. Full results of renju tournament are here – . Sure winner was Tomoharu Nakayama, taking 100% points, followed by Maksim Metreveli and Villem Mesila. Nice was to see, that in top 7 were players from 6 countries (Japan, Russia, Estonia, China, Poland and Turkey)

In gomoku tournament winner came from China – player called catrenju2020. Interesting was that he missed first round, but 8 wins in a row gave him finally 1-st place – .

During this gomoku tournament another tournament was played – test for MSO gomoku tournament. In this tournament Zoltán László took part and won it –

And finally one message from forum in English –