Tallinn Open 2019

Picture is from TO 2018 from left Vladimir Sushkov watching, Aivo Oll playing, Tauri Purk watching and the reindeer Georg-Romet Topkin playing
Picture is from TO 2018 from left Vladimir Sushkov watching, Aivo Oll playing, Tauri Purk watching and the reindeer Georg-Romet Topkin playing

Results of renju AT

1  Vladimir Sushkov,     7      7:W  2:W  4:W  3:W  5:L  2:W  5:W  4:W   9 dan
2  Georg-Romet Topkin,  5      8:W  1:L 10:W  6:W  4:W  1:L  3:L  7:W   6 dan
3  Villem Mesila,       5     10:D  7:W  9:W  1:L  6:L  4:D  2:W  5:W   6 dan

4*  Aivo Oll,            4      6:W  9:D  1:L  8:W  2:L  3:D  7:W  1:L  7 dan
5*  Martin Hõbemägi,     4      0:   8:W  6:L  9:W  1:W  6:W  1:L  3:L  7 dan
6  Ilya Katsev,         4      4:L 10:W  5:W  2:L  3:W  5:L  8:L  8:W   6 dan
7  Stefan Karlsson,     3      1:L  3:L  8:L 10:W  9:W 10:W  4:L  2:L   8 dan
8  Kuno Kolk,           3      2:L  5:L  7:W  4:L 10:L  9:W  6:W  6:L   4 dan
9**  Daria Iusupmurzina,  2.5    0:W  4:D  3:L  5:L  7:L  8:L 10:L 10:W 5 dan
10** Kristofer Lõhmus,    2.5    3:D  6:L  2:L  7:L  8:W  7:L  9:W  9:L 5 dan

*4.-5. place was shared
** – After checking coefitcents, Kristofer was 9th

We played 5 rounds Swiss and after that 3 rounds Italian (was possible to meet same player again). Sushkov dominated almost during all tournament. He started with 4 wins. In 5th round Volodia lost Martin and Georg-Romet reach to 4 points as well. Still, in last 3 rounds noone could stop Sushkov and finally he won tournament surely.

B-tournament results:

1  Peter Burtsev,           5.5   12:W 10:W  7:L 24:W 19:W  3:W  2:D
2  Markus Ikla,             5.5   26:W 16:W  8:L 18:W  7:W  4:W  1:D
3  Karl-Mattias Moor,       5     17:W 22:W  5:W  0:   6:W  1:L  8:W

4  Sander Piik,             5     20:W 18:L 12:W 10:W  8:W  2:L  7:W
5  Kirke Koni,              5     25:W 15:W  3:L 23:W 11:W  7:L 18:W
6  Rauno Lääne,             5     28:W  7:L 18:W 25:W  3:L 11:W 10:W
7  Paul Väljataga,          4.5   24:W  6:W  1:W  8:D  2:L  5:W  4:L
8  Erko Olumets,            4.5   29:W 11:W  2:W  7:D  4:L 19:W  3:L
9  Arseni Berdii,           4.5   18:L 12:L  0:W 20:W 24:D 27:W 15:W
10 Roman Roginskii,         4     13:W  1:L 15:W  4:L 14:W 21:W  6:L
11 Vladislav Vislovich,     4      0:W  8:L 17:W 16:W  5:L  6:L 21:W
12 Anastasia Buslakova,     4      1:L  9:W  4:L 27:W 21:L 23:W 13:W
13 Nikolai Burtsev,         4     10:L  0:W 16:W 19:L 25:W 18:W 12:L
14 Daria Churikova,         4     22:L 20:L 26:W 17:W 10:L 25:W 19:W
15 Maria Petrova,           3.5   19:W  5:L 10:L 26:D 22:W 24:W  9:L
16 Hanna-Kai Reimand,       3.5   23:W  2:L 13:L 11:L 17:D 28:W 24:W
17 Random Barinov,          3.5    3:L 28:W 11:L 14:L 16:D 29:W 25:W
18 Kevin Kaido Kallikorm,   3      9:W  4:W  6:L  2:L 23:W 13:L  5:L
19 Kristina Mumm,           3     15:L 21:W 20:W 13:W  1:L  8:L 14:L
20 Georgii Puzanov,         3      4:L 14:W 19:L  9:L 27:L  0:W 29:W
21 Lev Strakulia,           3     27:W 19:L 24:L 22:W 12:W 10:L 11:L
22 Mari Kolk,               3     14:W  3:L 25:L 21:L 15:L 26:W 27:W
23 Diliara Roshchina,       3     16:L 26:W 29:W  5:L 18:L 12:L 28:W
24 Artem Gershman,          2.5    7:L 29:W 21:W  1:L  9:D 15:L 16:L
25 Anastasia Simanovskaia,  2      5:L 27:W 22:W  6:L 13:L 14:L 17:L
26 Kristjan Lääne,          2      2:L 23:L 14:L 15:D 28:D 22:L  0:W
27 Melissa Nitov,           2     21:L 25:L 28:W 12:L 20:W  9:L 22:L
28 Sander Karlsson,         1.5    6:L 17:L 27:L 29:W 26:D 16:L 23:L
29 Paul Johann Mere,        1      8:L 24:L 23:L 28:L  0:W 17:L 20:L

B-tournament battle for first place was very tough and interesting, but winner is definitely strong player and worth to participate in next year AT.

Gomoku results

1  Matiss Riherts,       6.5   18:W 13:W  2:W  3:W  4:W  5:D  6:W
2  Dmitri Epifanov,      6     12:W  6:W  1:L  7:W 14:W  3:W  5:W
3  Petr Burtsev,         5     20:W  5:W  4:W  1:L  9:W  2:L 10:W

4  Rauno Lääne,          5      7:W 17:W  3:L  9:W  1:L  8:W 15:W
5  Artem Gershman,       4.5   14:W  3:L 18:W 12:W 11:W  1:D  2:L
6  Karl-Ustav Kõlar,     4     11:W  2:L 14:L 10:W 13:W  7:W  1:L
7  Melissa Nitov,        4      4:L 19:W 16:W  2:L 12:W  6:L 11:W
8  Random Barinov,       4     10:L 16:W 19:W 14:L 15:W  4:L  9:W
9  Roman Roginski,       3.5   16:W 10:D 15:W  4:L  3:L 11:W  8:L
10 Kristjan Lääne,       3.5    8:W  9:D 11:L  6:L 17:W 18:W  3:L
11 Vladislav Vislovich,  3      6:L 12:W 10:W 17:W  5:L  9:L  7:L
12 Georgii Puzanov,      3      2:L 11:L 13:W  5:L  7:L 17:W 18:W
13 Nikolai Burtsev,      3     15:W  1:L 12:L 18:W  6:L 16:L 19:W
14 Denis Orlov,          3      5:L 20:W  6:W  8:W  2:L  0:   0:
15 Arsenii Berdii,       3     13:L 18:W  9:L 20:W  8:L 19:W  4:L
16 Diliara Roshchina,    2.5    9:L  8:L  7:L 19:L 20:W 13:W 17:D
17 Lev Strakulia,        2.5   19:W  4:L 20:W 11:L 10:L 12:L 16:D
18 Daria Churikova,      1      1:L 15:L  5:L 13:L 19:W 10:L 12:L
19 Martin Pukk,          1     17:L  7:L  8:L 16:W 18:L 15:L 13:L
20 Maria Petrova,        0      3:L 14:L 17:L 15:L 16:L  0:   0:

Gomoku tournament was not so strong, as it was expected before. After 1-st round started, we found out that one registrated player have not showed up, so gladly Dima Epifanov agreed to change her.