The transfer will be made as a bus, minibus or private vehicle according to the number of groups (persons).

Single room 85 € (including breakfast, tournament hall use)
Double room 110 € (including breakfast, tournament hall use)
Triple room 135 € (including breakfast, tournament hall use)
Quadruple room 160€ (including breakfast, tournament hall use)

Transfer İstanbul airport – Marmara Educational Institutions 
Transfer  Marmara Educational Institutions – Istanbul airport 
Transfer (One way to go) bus 46 persons (500 €) or minibus (250 €) 16 persons.
Minibus 9 people (150 €), Private car for maximum 4 people (100 €).

Championship participation fee: WC 45 €  

Attention: The tournament participation fee is paid once per person. 

There is no separate participation fee for QT, BT, AT, WT, YAC, YEC.

Marmara Eğitim Kurumları (

Hotel Marma is a private hotel for Marmara Educational Institutions.

The deadline for registration is JULY 2.

Attention: Do not book through or any other brokerage firm please.
The reservation you make outside of us will be deemed invalid and cancelled.
Prices include Tournament Halls, Tea, coffee and water services.
Summer price increases will not affect you.
The hotel accepts only cash as payment.
Historical city tours  will be organized according to your request.

For reservation:
Osman Mert Gürgüç
Gsm: +90 554 120 04 57
WhatsApp: +90 554 120 04 57
Telegram: +90 554 120 04 57
Line ID: mrt284grc
WeChat ID: wxid_3y1r093ezhjr22

Attention: Reservations have started to be accepted. Please provide flight information along with your passport picture page, the room you requested (Single,double,triple) send it to the email address.

We wish you good games, a peaceful holiday and a pleasant time.