The 1st Gomoku Correspondence WC

Dmirty Epifanov (owen) vs Łukasz Majksner (usiek) ongoing game in A-group

The 1st Gomoku Correspondence World Championship is held in
The Russian community of Renju and Gomoku website which have both English and Russian versions.

The first renju correspondence games were already played before the internet by real mail. When the internet came the moves were sent to each other via e-mail by writing coordinates of the moves. When technology developed playing became smoother. Also as computer programs have evolved correspondence championships have become a playing style of its own. The tournaments produce high quality games and often new theory branches come out from those games. True five games fans are definitely excited to follow both the gomoku and renju Correspondence World Championship events.

Follow the games of the Gomoku Correspondence World Championship.
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In the A-group (High League) are playing:
Epifanov Dmitry RUS Owen
Drozdov Vladimir RUS valdemar52
Litvinenko Andrey RUS AndreiLi
Smirnov Anatoly RUS anatoliy
Bulatowsky Oleg UKR Oleg
Rostovtsev-Popiel Alexander RUS lamaza
Majksner Łukasz POL usiek
Eremin Oleg RUS monster
Makarov Pavel RUS pavelm
Lebedev Alexey RUS alleb