The 5th player to insure a spot in Renju WC AT as Lin Shu-Hsuan wins Chinese Taipei QT

From left to right: Chen Ko-Han, Chou Huang Yu-Chien, Lin Shih-Pin(2nd place, 3.5p), Lin Shu-Hsuan(1st place, 4.5p), Yu Tien-Lung(3rd place, 2.5p), Huang Yen-Hua

Chinese Taipei QT (Qualification tournament) to WC (World Championship) has ended with last time WC 3rd place Lin Shu-Hsuan insuring the place among the elite A-Tournament 12 players of the world who will fight for the renju individual World Champion title in Estonia, Tallinn in August this year (individual WC is played every other year and Team WC every other year). The official page of the World Championship 2019 is

Taipei QT final top 3 results:
1st place: Lin Shu-Hsuan 8 dan (2017 AT 3rd place) – earned AT place
2nd place: Lin Shih-Pin 8dan (Current Taiwan Meijin) – earned QT place
3rd place: Yu Tien-Lung 1dan (last played in 2009 BT) – earned QT place – strong surprising result ahead of other experienced players

Full standings can be seen on the official webpage.

Additionally to Lin it is known that places in the final already have Vladimir Sushkov (Russia, the reigning champion), Shigeru Nakamura (Japan), Shunsuke Kamiya (Japan), Hiroshi Okabe (Japan). China has two seats to give out, not known who they are yet. Other 5 seats will be played out in Tallinn before the Final in the prestigious international QT (every member country has 3 places + extra rules, individual seats by rating).

All games played on the tournament can be seen here.