All Japan Championship started (live broadcast)

Today started perhaps the most exciting tournament next to Meijin match in Japan. The best players are playing not only for the cup and glory but more importantly as Japan has 3 national AT places for the World Championship top 3 medal winners will all get personal place to the biggest renju event Renju World Championship AT held this year in Tallinn, Estonia in August.

Shigeru Nakamura vs Hiroshi Okabe

Click here to see the broadcast, pictures and comments of the tournament in twitter and here to see live and finished games (it is in Japanese but devoted fans can already follow the course of the games and use translator tools).

Also as it is Japanese Grandmaster Yoshihiro Iio`s birthday we wish him best and congratulate him on its special day! Here is a picture from Team World Championship, Tyumen 2004 Japanese team in a happy mood singing. 🙂

Ishitani, Iio, Kudomi, Nara