Chinese Renju National Elite Championship live video broadcast has 150 000+ viewers

Li Yi (won the Chinese Open Championship) vs Cao Dong (runner up and the reigning World Champion Cao Dong.

It is the round robin main event of the year with qualified seats (this year is special as in November there is held the every four year National Mind Sport Games of China). Twelve men and women play with each other for the title.

In men’s tournament additionally to Cao Dong and Li Yi the favourites for the title are the last year’s winner and 2015 World Champion Qi Guan, 2017 WC silver Zhu Jianfeng and at the moment tournament’s top seed Yang Yanxi who won the SOPAI Cup World Renju Open in start of September. It will be very exciting to see who will prevail in this Chinese Super Tournament.

Live video link with Chinese comments by Jin Hongli is here:

There are 167 000 viewers at the moment!