Chinese National Championship in Hainan, Haikou

Cheng Yan Zhen (Cici is her nickname among renju friends) playing the first game of the Championship. She is working as a renju teacher in Anji.

The Chinese National day was October 1st – people are celebrating the holiday and China 70. Renju players do it by playing the National Open Championship (Swiss system 7 rounds, Yamaguchi rule) and followed by second tournament The National Elite Championship (12 players round robin system, Soosyrv rule). The hotel area is looking wonderful. Here are some photos of the opening ceremony and some about the neighbourhood where the tournament is played.

Renju friends – Cao Dong pointing at Lan Zhiren before the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony – it feels somewhat special to be a renju player here as it feels the media interest is getting bigger every year in China. Last year there was news in both the Haikou TV channel and also in the national news channel CCTV5 which is watched by millions.
The youngest competitor Li Jiajun vs Chen Jing. Seems Jianjun is well prepared knowing D11 modern developments.

Last year the first tournament was won among men by Cao Dong (now reigning World Champion) and the second tournament by Qi Guan. Among women the first tournament was won by Wang Qingqing and second tournament by Li Xiaoqing.

Building on the right is the hotel where players are accommodated and the event is held.

By Tunnet Taimla