Chinese National Online Open 2021

The Chinese National Online Open 2021, has been running since August 18. As it is difficult to run a real-world tournament recently, more tournaments are held over the Internet this year. This open tournament is co-organized by China Qiyuan and Yike Weiqi.

The first stage of the tournament was held from August 18 to 24. During the seven days, tens of thousands of enthusiast played on the Yike Weiqi platform, with hundreds of thousands of games played. The top 100 players with the highest scores enhanced to the second stage.

The second stage was held from August 30 to September 5. It is made up of the top 100 players in the first stage, together with 33 invited players from the last tournament. There are two groups in the second stage. For each group, the top 16 players enhanced to the third stage.

The third stage started on September 11. The 32 players are playing in a single-elimination tournament. So far, three rounds have been played, and there are 4 players left in the tournament. Here is the result after the 3rd stage:

Finally, Liu Yang, Wu You, Jin Hongli, and Fan Jiahao have become the top-4 players of the tournament. The semi-finals and the final match will be arranged soon. Looking forward to seeing who will be the champion!