Closing ceremony of the Renju and Gomoku World Championship

The every two year held major renju and gomoku event the 16th World Championship 2019 is finished and champions are crowned. We will have comments from the winners and players in some time. Here are photos of the final day.

Top 3 of Renju and Gomoku ATs
Women Tournament top 3 Metreveli, Wu, Li
young but already reputable pianist Johan-Eerik Kõlar performed in the closing ceremony. He won the main prize in Estonian young pianists competition “Mängime Ellerit!”
Japanese power – 5 players in renju AT final and 4 of them in top 7
Banquet hall
Cao`s celebration
Martin`s celebration
Wai, Qingqing, Kamiya, Mei Fan
Hanna and Liu
Qingqing, Aivo, Volodya
Hi five ! Sumarokova, Oborina, Metreveli, Yusupmurzina, Sun In, Kurdina
Top 3 of Gomoku World Championship
Gomoku AT finalists
Top 3 of Renju World Championship
Renju AT finalists
Having some joyful time in the Japanese room
Some Hungarian rap is always chill
Some great voices Karasyov, Laube, Kozhin, Skuridin
Sushkov, Eged, Muzika and Karasyov relaxing and playing for fun in afterparty
The last moves of the tournament 🙂