The participants of World Championships at of all times

World Champions (GAT, WAT and RAT winners Martin Muzika, Wu Zhiqin, Cao Dong)

There has been an update on website and now it is possible to see all the participants of renju world championship AT of all times together with their scores of each year, total score and total number of attendance. 

The link to the page is here.

The first position of that table is held by Vladimir Sushkov who has collected 76 points from 10 championships, making an average of an amazing 7.6 points per tournament! 

The number 76 also represents the total number of participants of all the AT of the renju world championships. 

This table is updated automatically as soon as the new AT information has been added.

Renju World Championship AT 2019 finalists
Women AT players

Gomoku World Championship AT 2019 finalists