Correspondence World Championship 2021

Hello! I would like to invite all renju players to take part in this year’s Correspondence World Championship.

This year there are 2 big changes, firstly, the tournament will be held on Renju Caffe:

Secondly, for all leagues the opening rule is Taraguchi-10.

This year’s CWC will be held in 3 leagues: High League (Group A, 10 participants), First League (Groups B and C, 12 participants each), Second League (Groups D and E and so on, depending on the number of participants). The leagues and groups will be made up based on the results of the 2020 CWC.

High League (HL) will be created from the top 5 players from the previous group A, 2 top players from each of groups B and C. One player with the highest correspondence rating but without direct right to play in HL will be added. The places are inheritable. Thus, if one of the top 2 players does not sign up, his/her right to play goes to a player who achieved 3rd place in the same group, and so on.

Players who achieved 6 – 10 places in group A and 3 – 8 places in groups B, C as well as top 2 places from group D will form the First League (groups B, C). 2 top-rated players without direct right to play in FL will be added. The places are inheritable within a group too. All other players, including new players, will form the Second League.

Time control is 135 days for each player. Time control for one move is 21 days. After 150 moves a game is declared as a draw unless one player still has a sure win (in that case the player needs to contact the referee responsible for that group). If a player abandons the tournament thus forfeiting a significant number of games, then he/she may be disqualified, and all his/her games are considered as losses. This decision will be made by the Chief Referee.

NB: Dear players! Please, respect each other! Play renju according to “fair play” spirit! If Chief Referee recognizes that some player makes some “unfair” action (for example, resigns or suggests a draw in an absolutely winning position or doesn’t stop an opponent’s “four” etc.) to let his opponent get better tournament result, the Referee can exclude that participant from the tournament and declare all his/her games lost.
Also, cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. This means account sharing, making moves for another account, etc. will automatically mean disqualification if a player gets caught doing it.

Starting date is May 5th, 2021.
The deadline for applications is April 28th, 2021.

An application should consist of:
1. Your full name
2. Your user ID at Renju Caffe server
3. Country and city where you live
4. Contact e-mail
5. Contact person: full name and e-mail of a famous renju player who is ready to confirm your participation and proof of your identity.
This person may be your club leader or player, just a good friend of yours (might be from another country). If you experience problems with finding such a person, feel free to contact the Referee to solve this problem together.

Please, send your applications to the following e-mail address:

Every application will be answered. If your application was not answered in a week, please try to re-send your application or connect me in any other way such as a private message via Renju Caffe (user ID: aivo).

Correspondence rating-list will be updated before the tournament starts and is available at:

Best regards,
Aivo Oll
Chief Referee of Correspondence World Championship