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Salnikov, Artemyev, Nikonov. Picture is illustrative.

At the moment 3 rounds have been played. You can follow the games and results by clicking here in (the games are put up after the end of the round).

The Russian Tournament of Ten is a Russian Qualification tournament to the most important renju event in two years, The Renju World Championship. This year it is held in Saint Petersburg. Most points collected players in last two years from domestic and international tournaments have a right to play the Tournament of Ten. This year Russia has 3 National QT places to play for. You can read about the World Championship Qualification system here.

The participants are:
1. Denis Fedotov 
2. Konstantin Nikonov 
3. Dmitry Epifanov 
4. Maksim Lavrik-Karmazin 
5. Maxim Karasyov 
6. Pavel Salnikov 
7. Denis Kachaev 
8. Vladimir Filinov 
9. Sergey Artemyev 
10. Viktor Balabhai