International schoolchildren olympiade (part 1)

Nikita Diachkov - winner of gr. A

Final results after 4 tournaments (3 best results were counted)

Individual score:

Results of gr. A (players born 2002-2005), totally 42 players were participating, 11 rounds in each tournament:

Top 10 was:
1. Nikita Diachkov (RUS) 283 serie points
2. Arseny Pestov (GRE) 282
3. Ksenia Matushkina (RUS) 279
4. Oskar Mäns (EST) 274
5. Kirill Stoianov (RUS) 270
6. Oliver Valk (EST) 267
7. Maksim Metreveli (RUS) 266
8. Viacheslav Kuvaev (RUS) 264
9. Maksim Kulin (RUS) 250
10. Rasmus Ründva (EST) 250

Full list of results is here –

gr. B (2006-2009) Totally 102 players, 13 rounds in each tournament

Gr. B Final results after 4 tournaments 
TOP 10:

PlaceUsernameTournaments countWinsAll togetherAverage pointsWorst result
1.Mikhail Sidorov422929692
2.Ekaterina Porokhina4128493.592
3.Darya Yusupmurzina3127892.788
4.Egor Stoyanov4026988.585
5.Hendrik Tambla402678688
6.Oskar Kundla4026684.583
7.Anna Fokicheva402658787
8.Mariia Popova402568283
9.Egor Fokichev4025080.379
10.Mariia Petrova3024882.775
11.Melissa Nitov302468280
12.Lev Strakulia3024180.367
13.Daria Buslakova4023975.878
14.Kermo Koppel4023974.374
15.Yulia Vostriakova4023873.576
16.Sebastian Suppi4023372.872
17.Maksim Startsev4022873.568
18.Mikk Kaarel Õim402277573
19.Olivia Valk402257068
20.Mano Sandor Gyenei4022468.367
21.katerina papadaki4022167.868
22.Daria Churikova3021571.766
23.Ciaran Lucey3021170.361
24.Marta Link402106662
25.Andrei Prokopiev4020964.863
26.Maksim Orlov302076959
27.Aaron Tõnismaa4020662.850
28.Janka Balázsi4020462.866
29.Karl Johann Meikop3020367.755
30.Dmitry Vereshchagin4020164.860
31.Andrey Sokolov4019864.363
32.Ilya Marushev401986160
33.Maksim Lapin4019763.357
34.Kristin Zenkevics4019459.350
35.Angeliki Aligizaki301926453
36.Martin Pukk4018956.357
37.Nikos Georgikakis401845655
38.Torm Wilhelm Otsmann301836148
39.Rauno Lääne201829187
41.Rain Ilves3015551.739
42.Kristjan Lääne2015577.576
43.Tarvi Imala4015447.341
44.Stepan Pakholkov401534842
45.Roman Chekanov401514249
46.Nikita Polyakov4015042.347
47.Ida-Liisa Välli301505033
48.Ádam Somló401504543
49.Zsombor Dániel Hajdú4014944.844
50.luca körhegyi4014544.846
51.Andreas Anijalg201407059
52.Evelin Almási3013745.729
53.Emma Körhegyi4013542.537
54.Viktoria Boltinskaya301354536
55.Annabel Steinberg201346765
56.Andrey Parshenok4013243.543
57.Aleksey Apanasenko401263838
58.Kirill Kozhemyakin301264235
59.Ilya Nefedyev4012337.538
60.Anatoly Kulemin3011839.336
61.Mariana Ostapchuk301143833
62.Heleri Kuhi2011356.549
63.Artem Kulagin4010430.533
64.Artem Tikhomirov3010334.316
65.Renate Kastein209949.541
66.Dmitry Suslonov309832.726
68.Emir Sanuesa40953031
69.Friida Treffner10868686
70.Ralf Maapalu208542.529
71.Daria Volskaya10808080
72.Karl-Martin Kruusamägi20804032
74.Madis Erik Mežulis207135.534
75.Sander Tali10696969
77.Andreas Gert Kütt10656565
79.Ernst Rajasaare10575757
80.Henri Oberle10535353
81.Kalev Mattias Raussi10525252
82.Viktor Kozintsev10525252
83.Ekke Jakob Kerik10474747
84.Ismail Imanaliev10414141
85.Михаил Филипенков10404040
87.Augustus Kasak10333333
88.Natali Kulaga10313131
89.Marten Pärna10313131
91.Veronika Stulova10303030
92.Rei Helin Varres10292929
93.Ruudi Seppel10282828
94.Kirill Lobachev10282828
95.Lev Sizov10282828
97.Anna Kask10272727
98.Kaspar Vares10242424
99.Erki Pärgmäe10232323
100.Linda Ründva10222222
101.Erik Tamleht10212121

1. Mikhail Sidorov (RUS) 292

2. Ekaterina Porokhina (RUS) 284
3. Daria Yusupmurzina (RUS) 278
4. Egor Stoianov (RUS) 269
5. Hendrik Tambla (EST) 267
6. Oskar Henrik Kundla (EST) 266
7. Anna Fokicheva (RUS) 265
8. Maria Popova (RUS) 256
9. Egor Fokichev (RUS) 250
10. Mariia Petrova (RUS) 248
Full list with final results is here –

gr. C (players born 2010 and later) Totally 135 players, 13 rounds in each tournament

Alex Pinsky

 Final results after 4 tournaments
TOP 10:

1. Alex Pinsky (RUS) 295
2. Pavel Noskov (RUS) 285
3. Sergei Mikriukov (RUS) 282
4. Dmitri Kuzmin (EST) 270
5. Anastasia Buslakova (RUS) 266
6. Paul Johann Mere (EST) 265
7. Konstantin Kazantsev (RUS) 262
8. Anastasia Simanovskaia (RUS) 262
9. Sergo Saard (EST) 256
10. Egor Pavlovsky (RUS) 252
Full list with final results is here –

Final results of schools, top 10 (totally 67 schools from 8 countries took part). From left – gr. A, B, C points and sum

1. Secondary school, Podyuga (Russia, Podyuga) 1262 + 1352 + 1274 = 3888
2. Konoshskaya secondary school, Konosha (Russia, Konosha) 508 + 1020 + 1228 = 2756
3. Secondary School №4, Kotlas (Russia, Kotlas) 875 + 657 + 897 = 2429
4. Kahtla Lasteaed-Põhikool (Estonia, Kahtla) 973 + 629 +0 = 1602
5. Tallinna Reaalkool (Estonia, Tallinn) 170 + 904 + 519 = 1593
6. School №1514 (Russia, Moscow) 0+ 735 + 692 =1427
7. Budafok-Tétényi Nádasdy Kálmán Iskola (Hungary, Budapest) 0 +938 +353 =1291
8. Tallinna Nõmme Gümnaasium (Estonia, Tallinn) 0+570 + 660 =1230
9. Saue Gümnaasium (Estonia, Saue) 0+326 + 882 = 1208
10. Emmaste PK (Estonia, Emmaste) 0+170 +684 = 854

School results by groups (TOP 3)

Gr. A:
1. Secondary school, Podyuga 1262
2. Kahtla Kindergarten-Basic School 973
3. Secondary School №4, Kotlas 875

Gr. B:
1. Secondary school, Podyuga 1352
2. Konoshskaya secondary school 1020
3. Budafok-Tétényi Nádasdy Kálmán Iskola 938

Gr. C:
1. Secondary school, Podyuga 1274
2. Konoshskaya secondary school 1228
3. Secondary School №4, Kotlas 897

Here are some impressions from some players and coaches:

Alexander Pinsky:

I really enjoyed taking part in the school Olympiad, the game was quick and interesting. I wanted to win in my group and play without defeat, but I could not do it in any tournament, because the opponents were strong. I was so worried that I could not even eat before the game and immediately after the Olympiad I ran to my math class. I cheered for my friends from school №1514 who played in group B. If there is another renju, gomoku or pente Olimpiad in, I will definitely participate. Thank you for arranging this.

Csaba and Krisztina  Kamarás (Hungarian coaches):That was an amazing four-round-tour. Children were very excited to play every time. They were motivated and trained a lot febore the each tournament day. Some of them become more motivated and asked for help to improve their gomoku skills to play in higher level of gomoku.Some of the children it had been the first time to play gomoku during a tournament.It was not easy to coordinate the team of the school online by the trainers. Other hardship was when group B and group C were played at the same time. We solved the problem, but we felt we are so tired at the end of the day. We got some new white hair, but it was a wonderful opportunity to assist children during this fantastic game.Thank you for your very hard work.

Mano Gyenei – Hungary: Usually I play gomoku with adults, who are much stronger players than me. Now I was happy to play with children aged like me, so I had more opportunity to win. 

I Zalan Schöck – Hungary: I enjoyed very much this Olympiade, but I was so excited during games. I could not wait for my opponent some time. It was not so good when someone did not came to play and I had just an “empty” game. I learned and gained a lot in gomoku during the games. I offer it everyone who love to play.

Ekaterina Porokhina:

I really liked the tournament. I had to get up early in the morning, sit at the computer, and be very attentive. The big plus of this tournament was that, playing with opponents from other countries and cities, I learned a lot of new traps and chips in gomoku. It was great that we played from school and had the opportunity to exchange feelings after each game with our friends from the team. But there are also disadvantages. For me, the main drawback was that my eyes had very tired by the end of each tournament. But mostly the tournament made a great impression on me. I will be happy to participate in such a tournament again.

Ksenia Matushkina:

It was an interesting tournament due to its multi-stage nature and the variety of different countries, which took part. I got a good experience of playing in a team, we supported each other when we lost and were happy for the victories. Time for the game was not enough for me, but with each stage, it became more interesting to fight for a prize place in the individual competition and this kindled sports interest.