Jang beats Han in final to win Korean Super League

Won-cheol Jang playing against Tae-ho Han for the title

Comments by Gyu-hyeon Kim:
On April 6th. 2019 Super League held in Korea, that was conducted in a double-elimination tournament. Mr. Jang made his second win in his life. Jang is a young, talented and active player in Korea. He got 3rd dan as a result of this tournament.

Top 7 standings:

1. Won-cheol Jang
2. Tae-ho Han
3. Hong-soon Kim
4. kyoung-jun Chang
5. Seong-mo Yang
6. Gi-yong Jeong
7. Ik-hyun Cho

You can check the games on this Korean renju site link or under renju.net games. More pictures of the tournament can be found here.