Kamiya strikes back but Nakamura wins the Meijin-sen match (watch the live replay)

Challenger Shunsuke Kamiya got his 1st victory against Shigeru Nakamura and it came at the right time giving him hope to catch up. Unfortunately the start was too slow and draw was enough for Nakamura to win the match.
Congratulations to Shigeru Nakamura for maintaining the title!

If you want to go deeper and see how concentrated top players play and feel the rhythm of the real game find some time and replay what you like from the match, if you missed the live.

Nakamura and Kamiya should charge adidas 🙂
Nakayama explaining theory behind the moves in this popular D5 variant. In the 3rd game there was a transition to it from D9 opening.

Replay the match and learn by clicking here in this great YouTube video material with analyzes Japanese team (Nekomado company) has broadcasted!

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