Online Renju Christmas Tournament, 21st December

We are happy to announce that on the 21st of December 9.40am CET (tournament starts 10.00 CET but be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes earlier) will hold a Christmas renju open – the first ever renju tournament on this international renju and gomoku site. PlayFive is a site made by players for players. It is programmed by Czech player Monika “Olšava” Zowadová. It is possible to play on-line both gomoku and renju. Just 2 days after the Christmas tournament – on the 23rd December – Renju Euroleague starts there. It is an exciting team tournament played by matches on weekends and it’s now open to Asian teams as well. Gather players, create your team and join the tournament!

We have contacted key people from several renju countries around the world and hope to make it a memorable event for everybody. The list of participants will be published and actualized during next weeks, so don’t hesitate to pre-register already and send us an e-mail, or join the event on your social network.
It will be played in swiss system 7 rounds, Soosyrv 8 rule, time control is 15min + 3sec ( )

Needless to say all participants are expected to play fair and square, without aid of any program or database. This is a friendly online tournament which purpose is to gather people from around the world together to enjoy the game and get to know the site – so players can meet there and practice for the live tournaments like back in the day.

To make it easier, this is the starting time of the tournament in some of the areas joining the tournament:
9.40am for Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden
10.40am for Estonia, Latvia, Finland
11.40am for Moscow, Turkey
4.40pm for China, Chinese Taipei, Macau,
5.40pm for Japan, Korea

To play in the tournament you just need to very easily register on the PlayFive site and join the tournament room on time. Those are the steps:

  1. Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
  2. Fill your username and password – which you will use to log in
  3. Add your name to your profile by clicking on “Change my Settings” in the upper right corner
  4. Click on Tournament room on the left part of the homepage
  5. Few minutes before the tournament starts a message about the registration will appear – you click yes – and that’s it