Russian Renju Championship 2021

Metreveli, Savrasova, Yusupmurzina

The High League was won by Dmitry Epifanov. Congratulations! Pavel Salnikov achieved second place infront of Evgeny Smirnov, a close fight for third place with Danilin, who was third last year.
Smirnov, Epifanov, Salnikov

The women tournament was won by the best achieved female player in the history of the game after a 10 year playing break – Yulia Savrasova! The Chinese top women have some more achieving to do – let’s see perhaps we can see Savrasova play in the next WC as well. Welcome back to the big game! Irina Metreveli squeezed herself to the second place between her students, Yusupmurzina achieving bronze. Congratulations!
The winners
Yulia Savrasova
Analysing after the game
Karen Sirategyan vs Maksim Metreveli
Maksim Metreveli