Historical articles Renju World Magazine

Hello dear renju and gomoku friends, players and fans! We start with a series of history articles and bring out renju/gomoku history by re-publishing historical Renju World Magazines. We are lucky that a lot of work has been done by many people in our community writing articles in the past and we can go through those again, remembering the great tournaments and gatherings that for older generation is in the memory to recall and for younger players it’s a time for a history class to re-learn some older ideas and get to know historical players and tournaments. So have a cup of tea and start the journey with our new history articles series! 🙂

I will try to improve my pictures taking ability or scanning, now some pages are not so clear but hope you enjoy anyway! When we get to more new ones, it will be easier to follow diagrams. The plan is to re-publish one every week or every other week.
The feeling is not quite the same as holding the magazine, the old touch and weariness feels so real and nice! But actually it also feels quite good scrolling and going through the pages on the website! 🙂

Also, if someone wishes for example to write an article about his/her games and emotions from some special tournament he/she has played in the past, everyone is welcome to share! You can simply write it in Word and we can publish it on the website.