Results of Gomoku-renju individual+team serie in

On photo you can see the team of winners, Poduga 1 .

Really nice series of 12 tournaments was played during 20 days from May 21-st till June 9th

24 teams from Russia, Greece and Estonia + some individual players (also from China and Turkey) participated in competition. 6 gomoku and 6 renju blitz tournaments were played and totally 8 best tournament points were counted (1st place did get 100 points
2nd place 95 points
3rd place 92 points
4th – 93rd place 90 – 1 point respectively)

Total team and individual results you can find here:

Here are teams top 6:

1. Poduga 1 (Russia) 2035 (Daria Yusupmurzina, Kirill Stoianov, Ekaterina Porokhina, Andrey Prokopiev )
2. Moscow 2 (Russia) 1943 (Alexandr Pinsky, Vladislav Vislovich, Maria Petrova, Arsenii Berdii)
3. Poduga 2 (Russia) 1907 (Egor Naumov, Anna Fokicheva, Daria Buslakova, Egor Stoianov)
4. MALS (Estonia) 1901 (Friida Treffner, Ants Soosorv, Oskar Treffner, Mark Heidmets) (out of competition to children prizes)
5. (4.) Moscow 1 (Russia)1785 (Nikolai Burtsev, Vasily Kochanov, Mikhail Savvateev, Daniil Gorbachev)
6. (5.) Poduga 3 (Russia)1769 (Sergei Mikriukov, Anastasia Buslakova, Anastasia Simanovskaia, Konstantin Kazantsev)

Best young players, boys:
1. Kirill Stoianov
2. Alexandr Pinsky
3. Nikolai Burtsev
4. Arseny Pestov
5. Egor Naumov
6. Egor Stoianov
(all Russia)

1. Daria Yusupmurzina (Russia)
2. Olga Kurdina (Russia)
3. Friida Treffner (Estonia)
4 Ekaterina Porokhina (Russia)
5 Maria Petrova (Russia)
6 Melissa Nitov (Estonia)

File with full standings is here –
Tournament tables and individual standings are here: